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Truly Unlimited Calls

Cricket Click Dialer is equipped with UNLIMITED calls to USA and Canada

What is a Click Dialer?

A click dialer like the Cricket Click Dialer is a click to call VoIP softphone (a phone on your computer). To make a call, you simply click a telephone number on your screen to start dialing instantly!

How can your call center benefit from a click dialer?

If you are needing to make multiple outbound calls on a daily basis then the Cricket Click Dialer is just for you. Save your staff time making calls and leaving voicemails so they can focus on making more calls and acquiring prospects. Stop wasting time with traditional hand dialing and start clicking to call today.

No Matter What Size Your Budget is. We Have the Right Plan for You!

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Our click dialer allows you to jump from call to call quickly with just a click of your mouse!

Transfer or initiate conference calls to communicate with your audience more effectively.

On-screen scripts to assist your staff during calls.

Barge-in calls when an agent needs assistance.

Enjoy UNLIMITED call minutes to USA and Canada

Make training easier with optional monitor & coaching tools

Reach More Leads with Unlimited Calls

Just like the Dolphin Power Seller, the Cricket Click Dialer comes with UNLIMITED calls to the USA and Canada. With unlimited call minutes, you can reach out to more prospects faster and initiate more calls with just a click of a button. Don’t waste time hand dialing and just click to call with the Cricket Click Dialer.

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